Violin, Piano        6’        1978 


for Jonathan Burrows & the Royal Ballet Choreographic Workshop

performed by Stuart Deeks (violin) and Edward Lambert (piano)

Fantasy Trio


Clarinet, Violin, Cello        12’        1977

Performed at the St Bartholomew's International Festival of 20th Century Music, London, July 1978 by the Park Lane Players: Edward Pillinger (clarinet), Beverley Davison (violin), Christopher van Kampen (cello)

Suite for Lute

1977 written for & performed by Lavinia Snelling at the Lute Society



Clarinet, Piano        4’        1977

performed by David Campbell and Andrew Ball at SPNM concert at the Guildhall School of Music

Duo for Violin & Cello

2’        1977


score lost

String Quartet no 1

22’        1977


first performance by the Locrian String Quartet at the Christ's Hospital Arts Centre, Horsham 1978(?)