Short Story

Flute, Viola, Harp        13’        2011

This work, written for Trio Sospiroso in 2011, presents itself as a patchwork of individual, contrasting episodes and as the piece develops these contrasts become greater; there is a narrative linking them, however, and it was as if to emphasise this that I called the piece "Short Story". It concerns a 'progress' of harmony. At the start, harmony is merely implied in the melodies of viola and flute then, as the harp picks out skeletal chords, it assumes a subservient, accompanying role. By the central section of the piece the melodies have taken wing and the harp accompaniment is a tour-de-force: the players are combining together each in their own way. The finale sees the triumph of harmony as a sensual attraction in its own right; the harp is crowned victorious while the flute and viola imitate with scurrying arpeggios.